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1. What is a Sugar Scrub used for?

The purpose of a sugar scrub is to exfoliate, soothe, add moisturizer, and penetrate deeply into your skin for hydration purposes.


2. How do I use the Sugar Scrub?

Apply to dry skin, then wet your fingers and gently massage the scrub on your skin. Only use lukewarm water to rinse the scrub away.


3. Should I use soap after using the Sugar Scrub?

You don’t need soap after you rinse the scrub off. Just pat your skin dry with a towel, apply a light lotion or oil to keep newly exfoliated skin moisturized.


4. How often can I use the Sugar Scrub?

I would advise that the sugar scrub is not used no more than twice a week.


5. My child has eczema (dermatitis, sensitive skin) Can she/he use the products?

Yes, test a small area first just to be safe.


6. How do I store Mimi’s Sugar Scrub?

Store in your bathroom. Never put water in the container. For best results use the stick that is provided, to scoop the scrub into the palms of your hands.

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